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Ready for a fitter, stronger, healthier you?

My personal one-on-one training program is perfect for you, if you believe a fitness program will improve your health and enhance your lifestyle. I enjoy working with everyone, from those who are new to the fitness scene, as well as those who have been around the track a few times; young or old; big or small. I welcome you to a new and improved lifestyle.

My unique style gets results

I love what I do and it shows. Helping you Identify your goals, working with you to achieve them, and seeing you succeed is rewarding for me. I will be your biggest supporter. I understand not only the what and the how of fitness training; I also take the time to explain to you the why. We’ll work hard and train like athletes, but we’ll also have fun together, while I keep pushing you forward.

Using sports movements as inspiration

My comprehensive training strategies incorporate a variety of techniques, many of which include sports movements as an inspiration to build unique and challenging programs, and some techniques that require the use of gym equipment. I will work with you to blend movements into your personalized program that will work your body and hone your skills through your personally selected sport(s) or activity of choice.

Training locations

I offer fitness training sessions at one of two locations: APT Studio Kitsilano or APT South at Arbutus Village. Alternatively, I can meet at other locations; we can even train at an outdoors track convenient to you. You will need a gym membership (at a gym of your choice) for practicing your program between our sessions.

What to expect at your session

I go at your pace. I’m a pro at this, and I’ve refined the process to take into account all your needs.

Session #1 At your first session we’ll conduct a thorough assessment, taking into account your fitness history, goals, your current health, and your time and budget comfort levels. Then we’ll start building your personalized training program, designed to help you meet your goals. 85 minutes
Session #2 At your second session, we’ll review what we covered last session and continue to build on your personalized program. 55 minutes
Session #3 At your third session, we’ll review what we covered last session and refine your personalized program. 55 minutes
Session #4 By your fourth session, your personalized program will be ready for a complete run through. We’ll support you through your entire program, helping you with techniques, timing and resting periods. 55 minutes
Session #5 +++ With your personalized program developed, we’ll start working to improve your performance, constantly building on what you’ve done and propelling you forward towards your personal goals. 55 minutes

Timely follow ups to keep you on track

I will take detailed notes during each session and email them to you right after your session ends. This lets you have immediate access to your training program as it’s built, and you can start practicing right away. And in case you’re wondering, I also make sure I give you ‘homework’; you’ll always have something to practice and something to strive for.

Personal training sessions fees

The cost of a personal session is $100 per hour. This covers the training time as well as developing your personal program and keeping in contact with you regarding your program between sessions. We also offer a variety of packages to cater to all clients fitness goals.

Iceberg Fitness General Policies and Fees

Group and/or corporate sessions

If you’re interested in fitness training with a group of like-minded individuals, we’re happy to tailor a special program for you. We understand the benefits to organizations to offer employees fitness training as part of their employment package. Connect with us to discuss your needs, and we’re sure we can meet them.

We offer the following group rates:

Number of Clients Cost per Client
1 $100
2 $60
3 $40
4 $30
5 $30
6 $30


Volleyball camps

We work with Jesse Knight of Abstract Volleyball to provide professional training for teams and individuals. Visit Abstract Volleyball for more information, to book clinics, or find out more about our upcoming volleyball camps. Or contact Iceberg Fitness for more information.