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Why Iceberg Fitness?

As we go about our busy lives, what lurks beneath the surface of our external façade can be deceiving. Just like icebergs, the bulk of our internal physical and mental characteristics are hidden from us. I will work with you holistically, improving and strengthening your external and the internal physical and mental attributes, so you not only reach your fitness goals, but you improve many other areas of our life as well.

Chris Berglund

Chris Berglund-0840 - CopyAn active athlete during my high school years, I was naturally drawn to a career centered on fitness. Although originally I intended to become an architect, during a strike at BCIT in 1992 I found myself down at Kits Beach in Vancouver learning the ropes of volleyball, and from there got hooked as a coach and never looked back.

I not only possessed the passion and commitment for fitness, my talents extended far beyond to coaching and training. I embarked on an intensive learning curve, starting with a Human Performance Diploma in Coaching and Instruction, followed by a degree from UBC in Human Kinetics in Exercise Science. During my post-secondary studies, I also earned certifications including BCPRA Personal Training certification, Level 3 NCCP in Indoor Volleyball, and Level 1 Volleyball Learning Facilitator. I also achieved the highly regarded Certified Strengthening and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA) certification.

Throughout my 20 plus years in the fitness industry, I have coached a broad variety of athletes, including golfers, cyclists, soccer players, swimmers, and basketball and volleyball players. As the High Performance Director of Volleyball BC, I oversaw the coaching and development of youth volleyball players throughout the province. In this role I trained many of Canada’s elite volleyball players, including members of Canada’s National Indoor and Beach teams, as well as training, mentoring, and certifying coaches and trainers within the fitness and coaching industries. My coaching has taken me across Canada, as well as training top professional teams in China and Korea.

I founded Iceberg Fitness in 2000. My clients get the benefits of my vast experience, but with uniquely-styled programs and fun sessions. My specialty is the development of comprehensive training strategies, incorporating physical and mental skills. I have gained a reputation for being an excellent rational teacher and motivator; one who not only takes the time to explain the how and the what, but also the why. Essentially, I just love helping people accomplish their goals; it’s the most rewarding part of my job.

A team of professionals ready to support you

I have a team of trusted partners who can help you round out your program in other areas of your life.

Volleyball Coaching and Training Courses
Abstract Volleyball
Jesse Knight, Owner and Training Coach
E info@abstractvolleyball.ca
T 403 860 2182

True Health Studio
Edmond Chen, Acupuncture
E dredtcmclinic@gmail.com
T 604 518 9673

Nutrition and Life Coaching
Jackie Lede, Nutritionist and Life Coach
E jaclynlede@gmail.com
T 778 773 0092

Sage Clinic
Miranda Wiley, Naturopathic Physician
E info@sageclinic.com
T 604 697 0397

Performance Health Group
Dr. Paul Fleming, Chiropractor
E info@performancehealthgroup.ca
T 604 682 6178

Massage Therapy
Serene Massage Therapy
Tania Haqq, Registered Massage Therapist at
E tania.haqq@gmail.com
T 604 879 5995

Relationship Coaching
Tara Caffelle–Relationship Coach
E tara@taracaffelle.com
T 778 840 3369